What concerns you?

Why should I choose TurisGen, Pedra·seca?

Because we are pioneers in organizing family tourism in our country. Because we offer a unique experience, based on serious work, in a methodical and rigorous research. All designed to make exploring your family's past and a memory that will remain in good and satisfactory for all. Because the philosophy of Pedra·seca immerses you during your discovery, and make you live for a few days in the past of your ancestors.

I know my grandparents are from Galicia, You can also organize TurisGen experiences outside Catalonia?

Sure! Our scope of work is the natural environment of the Catalan Countries, but we can do research and organize routes around. The only limit is to ensure the quality of work and satisfaction of the people that make us the order.

I'm from Rosario, Argentina, but my ancestors left in the nineteenth century in the province of Lleida, Can you give me a TurisGen Experience??

Sure! We also prepare a "TurisGen Experience" complete tailored to your needs. We believe that an experience of this kind should have a longer duration in order to make the trip as possible, visiting various destinations related to your ancestors.

Other services genealogical?

Yes, if you want to help you in your genealogy research, the degree that interests you most: from simple advice and support in your search, to the complete realization of your family study.

How far the family study?

Experience in TurisGen reach the generation of grandparents (or beyond, if we consider it especially interesting), if you want a deeper study, we can also make, but already out of the package TurisGen.

What does the study family deliver?

The study includes a comprehensive report on your family tree to your grandparents, on places of origin, surname, trades, the relevant people in your family, the relationship of your family with some historical facts, etc… In addition it is accompanied by a database for use with the program overall documentation system GDS genealogical family, and so will your information properly recorded and can continue, if you want, your search-

I researched my tree and I know where my ancestors lived. Provide service in this case TurisGen?

Yes. Overall, All our packages include TurisGen genealogy research, but if you have already completed on your own, We can tailor make a proposal.

How long does the whole process?

For the full experience TurisGen, the whole process takes about two months, always depending on the speed of getting the information from some records or files. During these two months we research, we will inform you of your progress, choose the destination, You can even prepare it out whenever you want. Keep this in mind when you plan to get us to .

I can give a "TurisGen Experience" to someone?

Sure! It is an exceptional gift, for its originality and all that it brings to the person who enjoys. We adapt to what we ask, even, if you want to output a "surprise", without the party knows what to expect until the last moment.

However, Experience Turis Gen should be a very expensive one, oi?

But no. Research generally has a fixed cost in all cases, but this research is for life, that is, one search, in different experiences arise TurisGen, how many different family backgrounds appear. The cost of the output is depending on several factors, but ultimately, depends on what you want to do and where you choose to go.

I do a query that does not appear here

If you have any other inquiry, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email or phone.

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