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Família Palou i Arias

El passat de la família Palou i Arias ens porta a la vila d’Osor, a la Selva. Família de carboners, bosquerols, fusters, talladors i artesans de la pipa de boix i de tot allò que produeix el bosc… i les mines. Podeu veure la ressenya de l’Experiència Turisgen de la família Palou i Arias al seugüent enllaç: http://www.pedraseca.cat/cat/osor-nou-desti-de-turisme-genealogic/


Raimon Armengou.

The thread of family history Armengou Rojo leads in Castellar de n'Hug: the shepherd life, one of the oldest inns still active, Can Pere Valent, we follow the paths of smugglers,….


Rubio i Mora.

A family with very different roots choose their own journey into the past in the village of Caldes de Montbui: train steaming time,industries at full speed, The streets that hosted the Creus, the Marigó, the Xalabarder… and water throughout. Per a veure la ressenya de l’Experiència TurisGen aneu a l’enllaç:http://www.pedraseca.cat/cat/experiencia-turisgen-per-la-vila-termal-de-caldes-de-montbui/

Baille Vidal.

What leads to a family of Banyuls de la Marenta to install them·in Barcelona ? We will know something of who were their relatives , friends? seafarers, wine people, people of earth rough and weathered skin, Maillol's genius…


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